Heritage 10

The Heritage #10 Intermittent Segmental Traction Table with NEW and IMPROVED features makes it the best-selling table on the market today. Our table has a built in foam pad, which replaces the old-fashioned loose table top pad that slips and slides around on the patients. Your patients will relax and feel more comfortable on our extra wide 24-inch table. The table features 8 rollers with variable speed vibration down a 24-inch track to deliver a gentle relaxing massage with a Spring Loaded Carriage that contours the spine. To make life easier, the adjustable timer can be set up 30 minutes. This versatile table is also perfect for exams and therapy, so order one for every room!

Shipping world wide, our traction tables are unsurpassed in function, comfort and will live up the the unique demands of your practice.

Heritage 10
Intermittent Segmental Traction Table

Heritage 10
Height:. . . . .up to 30 inches
Width:. . . . . . 24 inches
Length:. . .. . .71 inches
Foam: 2“ Medium Foam
Leg stain: Oak leg
Shipping Weight:.. .160 Lbs.
** Specify Height **
   Naugahyde or Cloth
Legs: Cherry or Walnut

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